The Champions of Mi Casa es Su Casa


Meet the champions of mi casa es su casa–my sister and co.:


We arrived at their place during the wee hours of Good Friday. Our bus had dropped us off around midnight in the middle of a street an hour away from their home, but praise the Lord, my sister was there to greet us!

When we unloaded our bags at her place an hour later, the Phactivist and I found welcome signs with heart-faces and “we love yous” covering our door and walls, and a few minutes after that this little face below, still wide awake and full of hugs, came right into our arms to tell us “welcome!” herself:


The days that followed were like a magical re-entry into childhood. We played with stuffed animals and talking birds and had “girl time” doing nails and make-up. We baked homemade bread and grated orange zest and walked along the beach with cups of ice cream in one hand and sticks in the other. We went on stormy hikes and sang hallelujahs and cooked up for hungry guests a late night dinner of Southern pancakes with English tea and potato chips. And at the end, on that very last day after I gave my sister one last squeeze and my niece one last kiss on the head, I turned with the Phactivist towards the train station and let all that overwhelming wordless stuff I felt inside stroll down my cheeks as tears.

Needless to say, we had a good time together. A really, really good time.











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  1. Rosie says: Reply

    Unable to finish reading aloud to Daddy…the fullness of my heart streams down in tears as well…I can relate. And I miss BOTH my girls and their families…one Day there will be no ocean to separate… I love you Razan!!!

    1. Liz says: Reply

      And I used to think you were crazy for crying!!! 😉 Now I understand!! Well, a little. :)

  2. Daddy says: Reply

    Wonderful reading your latest post. My heart is full of praise and thanksgiving! The pictures are incredible and convey the special time that you all had together. Lots of love and prayers, Daddy

  3. Sarah N. says: Reply

    I’m so glad you had family time! Your nieces and nephew are adorable! Hanging out with family is the best medicine in this WORLD! : )

    1. Liz says: Reply

      Aren’t they?? After my youngest niece picked a tee-tiny flower for me in the park, I decided that was it. I am forever her biggest fan for life!

  4. clarissa says: Reply

    I’m crying too! Its beautiful to be together.

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